Naturally smart™ cosmetics that translate

nature’s natural beauty into skincare

Birch juice™ hydro

Highly moisturizing line that contains birch juice™ (birch tree sap) with high moisturizing power; instantly provides moisture to dry skin and keeps skin moisturized for a long time

Vita 8™ nutritive

Nutrient line with independent ingredient Cenosome™ that provides vitality and energy to tired skin caused by external stress and provides rich nutrients to make skin healthy again

Cicaherb™ restore

Daily intensive care line that calms skin by forming a protective layer over tired, sensitive skin caused by external stress and helps with skin troubles

Callus phyto-regen

Special intensive care line with wrinkle-improving and brightening effects; contains Edelweiss (Edelweiss callus culture extracts) with strong life power as its main ingredient and recovers the elasticity and beauty of skin.

Marshmallow cleansing

Basic cleansing line with formula as soft as marshmallow. Eliminates skin waste gently and nourishes

Moringa cleansing

Cleansing line with Moringa (Drumstick tree seed extracts) known as the nutritious tree and a miracle gift from nature; also called purifying tree


Special Care line that can be used according to skin troubles caused by complex reasons

sheet mask

Nourishing, Moisturizing, Calming, Elasticity Sheet Masks that adhere thinly to skin and make it moisturized and soft

Squeeze green watery

Moisturizing line with green plants that deliver cool, fresh moisture and make dry skin soft and moisturized

Zeo brightening

With the lotus that grows cleanly and nobly even in mud as its concept, this brightening line makes skin brighter and cleaner.

Plantlicious UV

Sun Care line with Tanaka (Limonia acidissima Extract), known as the traditional beauty ingredients of Myanmar that protects skin from strong UV rays