Moringa cleansing balm

Cleansing balm that melts with body heat and dissolves skin waste for a clean wash.

CleansingFreshMoisture supplySmooth skin

|     75g

Product Detail

This sherbet-type cleansing balm melts with body heat, dissolving thick makeup and skin waste and cleansing the face thoroughly.
Moringa (Moringa pterygosperma Seed Extract) makes skin clearer; True Rose of Jericho extract and iris extract moisturize skin.

Natural cosmetics, natural fragrances, tested for skin safety, no animal ingredients, paraben-free, mineral oil-free, tar dye-free, artificial fragrance-free

How to use

Take an appropriate amount onto a dry palm and melt slightly. Apply on the face and massage softly to dissolve makeup. Emulsify with lukewarm water, and then wash the face for a clean finish.